AIR Essential Synths Pack

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AIR Essential Synths Pack

The AIR Essential Synths Pack is a collection of three synthesizers that offer a range of features and sounds for electronic music production, scoring, and remix work. Each synthesizer includes editable oscillators, LFOs, and a variety of filters, as well as professionally designed presets and a randomizer to generate new patches at the click of a button. The pack also includes an invert mode that creates complementary patches by instantly changing the direction of the transition, and a pumper effect that adds pulsating movement to the sound. Additionally, the synthesizers offer adjustable panning movements and master stereo width control, as well as configurable delay and reverb with wet/dry processing.

  • Spectral Noise section allows for secondary oscillator to enhance or replace spectrum
  • 34 editable modules for specific sonic tasks
  • Invert mode reverses transition direction
  • Pumper effect adds punch and movement to transition
  • Expanded morph pad in Loom II allows for storing and restoring Points/Paths separately
  • Two individual synthesizer parts for stacked sounds
  • Smart Sound randomization generates patches based on user-defined parameters
  • MIDI-Learn mode allows for easy assignment of parameters to MIDI controller hardware
  • Configurable delay and reverb with wet/dry processing and 4 reverb types
  • Adjustable panning movements and master stereo width control

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