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Introducing Arca: The Interdimensional Strings Suite

Arca is an innovative instrument designed for exploring the dark, cinematic side of string textures. Using ancient bowed world instruments as sources, Arca’s sounds have been deeply processed to offer a wide variety of uniquely expressive and otherworldly sounds. With 85 presets and up to 29 round robins, Arca is perfect for adding depth and complexity to your compositions.


  • 85 Presets
  • Up to 29 Round Robins
  • Recorded at leading-edge 32-bit 384khz resolution
  • CPU-friendly in-DAW playback at industry-leading 24-bit 96khz resolution
  • Plugin app and samples watermarked to you

System Requirements:

  • VST/AU plugin for Windows & Mac OS (10.11+) including M1 Chip support
  • 10.33 GB GB installed, 15 GB recommended for setup
  • Minimum 8GB of RAM and an i5 or better CPU required, SSD drive recommended
  • Supported by all popular VST/AU compatible DAWs

Instrument Sample Maps:

  • String Trio Long MF
  • String Trio Long F
  • String Trio Short
  • String Trio Glissandi Trill
  • String Trio Up-Down Glissandi
  • String Trio Scratch
  • Cello Long Harmonics
  • Cello Short Harmonics
  • Kemenche Long Gut
  • Kemenche Long Metal
  • Kemenche Long Harmonics
  • Kemenche Short Harmonics
  • Morin Khuur Long Harmonics 1
  • Morin Khuur Long Harmonics 2
  • Morin Khuur Short Harmonics 1
  • Morin Khuur Short Harmonics 2
  • Nyckelharpa Long
  • Nyckelharpa Short

Creatively Processed Sample Maps:

  • Space Debris Long
  • Tesla Coil Long
  • Cosmic Critters Long
  • Cyber Synth Long
  • Hive Synth Long
  • String Warp Long
  • Solar Flare Long
  • String Zap Short
  • Cyber Crush Short
  • Cyber Stab Short

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