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Atma: An Otherworldly Portal Into Ultrasonic Sound Healing

Atma is a collection of sacred sound instruments gathered by MNTRA’s founder and composer, Brian D’Oliveira, during his spiritual pilgrimages around the world. MNTRA’s team of expert sound designers have created a diverse array of presets that include arpeggiated bell clusters, evolving atmospheric pads, cinematic percussion, and more, providing immediate inspiration straight out of the box. Ranging from ritual healing bells to pitched Aztec volcanic rocks, MNTRA creatively sampled these special instruments to utilize the power of the nonlinear sound design engine MNDALA.

Instrument Sample Maps

  • Gong 1
  • Gong 2
  • Handbell Bell Hit
  • Handbell Stick Hit
  • Wawa Bell Hit
  • Wawa Bell Long
  • Wawa Bell Short
  • Healing Bell Hit
  • Tubular Bell 1
  • Tubular Bell 2
  • Spirit Bell Hit
  • Spring Bell Hit
  • Tibetan Bell Hit
  • Tibetan Bell Mallet
  • Mini Temple Bells
  • One Kalimba Pluck
  • Two Kalimba Pluck
  • Bendir Hit
  • Bass Temple Drum
  • Treble Temple Drum
  • Singing Bowl Hit
  • Ritual Bowl Short
  • Ritual Bowl Long
  • Hang Drum Finger MF
  • Hang Drum Finger F
  • Hang Drum Shaker 1
  • Hang Drum Shaker 2
  • Hand Drum Hit
  • Metal Shaker Spin
  • Temple Block Treble
  • Temple Block Bass
  • Pitched Rocks Hit
  • Pitched Rock Scrape
  • Temple Conch
  • Glass Tube Short
  • Glass Tube Long
  • Glass Tube Scrape


  • 37 Instrument Sample Maps
  • Up to 30 Round Robbins
  • Recorded at industry-leading 32-bit/384kHz resolution
  • CPU-friendly playback at 24-bit 96khz resolution
  • Extreme resolution CPU efficient in-DAW playback and fast preset loading
  • Plugin app and samples watermarked to you

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