Bass Master Expansion Pack: Dirty Analogue

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Bass Master Expansion Pack: Dirty Analogue

Loopmasters are proud to present Dirty Analogue, the latest expansion pack for Bass Master – our very own sample-based bass synth built on our extensive and award-winning library of sonics.


  • 78 Waveforms
  • 105 Presets

Dirty Analogue for Bass Master will step your synth parts up to the lofty heights of pure analogue bliss, bringing you a massive host of new and customisable sonics to play with; including crunchy acid blips, fizzy mid-range basses, gut-wrenching drones, crushed subs, and harmonic-rich lows.

Within you’ll hear the direct end result of complex wave samples, recorded from vintage hardware synths and modern modular synthesizer modules, being processed through a mixture of hardware distortion pedals and being driven hard into analogue desks for a pure overdriven analogue feel.

Thanks to the diversity of the sounds available here, this expansion finds itself at home in a variety of contexts, not limited to DnB, techno, house, bass music, or dark ambient!

System Requirements:

  • Bass Master 1.1.3 is required to run this software.

Important Note: Bass Master must be updated to at least version 1.1.3 in order to install the Bass Master expansion packs.

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