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Balancing the low-end is one of the hardest challenges in any mix or master. BASSROOM is a final mix and mastering EQ that helps beginners and pros nail their low-end in seconds. With its immersive 3D room interface, you can tweak your low-end to perfection using specifically designed filters that have minimal phase distortion and minimal transient distortion, providing greater transparency than standard linear-phase filters at low-frequencies.

  • Louder sounds feel closer while quieter sounds feel further away and lower frequencies are associated with a ‘foundation’ whilst higher frequencies are perceived as ‘air.
  • Toggle bypass on and off to hear the difference.
  • Too much bass and your track will sound bloated and lack clarity.

Choose A Preset

To get the most value from BASSROOM, start by selecting a preset that best suits the material you’re working on. BASSROOM’s unique and intuitive UI helps you visualise how you’re adjusting the low-end of your song.

Create A Target

Alternatively, you can create your own target values by clicking the target icon in the bottom left corner and importing reference tracks. Use the targets to get a great starting point, then adjust by ear to tweak your low-end to perfection. Push frequency bands back in the room to decrease gain, and bring them forward to increase gain.

Unique Features

  • Unparalleled EQ Quality: BASSROOM gives you unparalleled EQ quality when working with low-frequencies on your master channel.
  • Immersive 3D Room Display: Ordinary EQs use a horizontal representation of frequencies and vertical representation of gain. To reflect this, in BASSROOM frequencies are displayed vertically, and gain is represented by depth in the room.
  • Hear The Difference: Not only will your low-end fall into place, but the level matching will give you a well balanced sound across the whole frequency spectrum.


Master Channel: BASSROOM uses complex algorithms that accurately identifies how the human ear perceives low-frequencies relative to the balance of the whole mix. BASSROOM analyses your mix and displays a target in each frequency band to help you make informed mixing decisions sonically relevant to your audio.

System Requirements: macOS 10.10 or higher (macOS 12 Monterey + Apple M1 Silicon supported)

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