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BLEASS Shimmer

Introducing the BLEASS Shimmer, a unique pitch shifting studio reverb that emphasizes harmonics and adds a smooth and pleasing reverb trail to any sound. With a length control ranging from 200ms to 30s, and a dry/wet mix, this versatile reverb effect offers endless possibilities for your music production and live performances.


  • Pitch control (-24st; +24st)
  • Fine control (-0.5st; +0.5st)
  • Delay Time control
  • Amount slider
  • Room size control
  • Preset Manager
  • Ducker stage with input gain and compressor parameters: Threshold, Attack and Release
  • Feedback – Reverberated signal is pitch-shifted and fed back again into the reverb stage
  • Visual Input Sidechain Meter
  • Colour parameter (control the reverb’s high frequencies)
  • 2 Pitch-Shifter Stages with 3 pitch-shifting modes each (Pre, Post, and Ducker)
  • Touch control filter with two filter types: Low-Shelf and High-Pass
  • Reverb pre-delay and room size modulation (amount and rate)

BLEASS Shimmer is compatible with nearly all VST3 / Audio Unit compatible DAWs and works on Windows 8 and later and macOS 10.9 and later (64-bit only), including macOS 11 Big Sur and M1 processors. It is not a standalone product and requires host software.

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