BLEASS Slow Machine

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BLEASS Slow Machine

BLEASS Slow Machine is a tape stop and slow-down effect that can mutate any beat or melody from predictable to innovative. It is compatible with nearly all VST3/Audio Unit compatible DAWs and requires host software. BLEASS Slow Machine offers three stages to manipulate time with creativity:

Sequencer Stage

  • Control the play speed precisely with the Speed feature
  • Set the number of steps with the Length feature
  • Set the duration of a step with the Resolution feature
  • Snap steps to the grid with the Grid Snap feature
  • Each step has 4 different curve modes

Slow Down Stage

  • Modulate the loop size
  • Modulate the play speed
  • Modulate the quantization
  • Modulate the filter frequency band
  • Crossfade between loops

Time Stop Stage

  • Intuitive and visual way to create a classic tape stop effect
  • Control the amount of sequencer speed modulation with the Amount feature
  • Set the playing speed per step with the Sequencer feature
  • Trigger the time stop effect within a given duration with the Trigger feature

BLEASS Slow Machine also has additional features such as setting the randomness of the sequencer, a Hold feature, and a Fade feature to control the crossfade duration between each step. With BLEASS Slow Machine, you can deepen any beat by completely or partially slowing down the audio signal, transform epic leads into heavy basses, and add live and sequenced tape stop effects to your music.

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