Complete Guide To Compression

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Complete Guide To Compression

This course, taught by professional producer and Music and Sound Recording graduate Rob Jones, will take you from a basic to a thorough understanding of this powerful audio effect. The course is available immediately after purchase and is accessible 24/7/365, with help from tutors on the Producertech forum when required.


  • Streamed lessons – access 24/7/365
  • Live set from the course
  • Detailed written notes for each lesson

Module Details

  • Compressor Basics
  • Going straight in with an example, Rob shows you how the different parameters on a standard compressor effect a drum loop.
  • Compression’s Effect on Frequency and Level
  • In this lesson, Rob introduces you to the effect of compression on extremes of frequency.
  • De-essing a Vocal
  • In the final tutorial in this course, Rob demonstrates how to implement a multiband compressor as a de-esser to clean up vocals and remove unwanted sibilance.
  • Compressing a Kick Drum
  • Rob demonstrates how to apply compression to a kick drum for added punch and power.
  • An Advanced Analysis of Attack and Release
  • A detailed look into the effect of commonly used parameters: Attack and Release.
  • Sidechain EQ
  • Rob explains how to properly use the compressor sidechain for the biggest difference in your sound.
  • Compressing a Vocal
  • Rob explains how to utilize multiband and single band compression for a smooth vocal recording.
  • Multiband Compression and Mix Buss Compression
  • A comparison of the effect of single band and multiband compressors on the stereo buss.
  • External Sidechain Sources – Pumping/Ducking
  • Rob demonstrates the use of ducking, one of the best creative compression techniques.

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