Compression Fundamentals

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Compression Fundamentals Course

Learn the essential principles of compression and a variety of methods for applying it with Senior Tutor Rob Jones on this comprehensive course. The course includes real-time compression sessions, advanced techniques, and an included assessment for technical ear training. Sign up for instant access to 3 hours of streamed tutorials, projects, and samples, as well as written notes to assist in the learning process.

Module Breakdown

  • Module 1: What is Compression?
  • Module 2: Main Compressor Controls
  • Module 3: Compression Session Part 1
  • Module 4: Compressor Sidechain
  • Module 5: Additional Compressor Options
  • Module 6: Multiband Compression
  • Module 7: Compression Session Part 2

Please Note: The modules included in this online guide can be streamed within the Courses section of your account area and are not available to download.

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