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Introducing DrumComputer

Bring your drums to life with DrumComputer’s 16 pattern keys and pattern chains for easy pattern editing and sequencing. With the AutoFill feature, simple patterns turn into dynamic tracks by inserting fills and parameter changes at certain song positions. The 8 keys reserved for the mute function are perfect for live-re-arranging of your beats. This software is compatible with Windows 7 or higher and macOS 10.12 or higher.


  • 8 Sound Engines, each one layering a Resonator, Wavetable/Analogue Oscillator and Resynth/Sampler
  • Filter, Compressor, Overdrive and 2 kinds of Send Reverbs: Room and Hall
  • 2x Env/LFO, plus Synth-Engine-Modulators, Sequencer-Modulators, ModMatrix
  • Intelligent Randomizers for endless Drum Sounds
  • 16 Step Sequencer and Pattern Generator, Probability, Rolls, +/- Step Delay, Swing, Humanize
  • Auto- and Manual Remixing/Fills
  • Easy Keyboard Mapping for Patterns, Mutes and Engine Triggers
  • Key zones for Rolls, Pitch and Modulation
  • MIDI File Drag & Drop
  • Multiple Audio/MIDI Outputs

New in Version 1.2.0: Define a Mute group to make a trigger on one engine choke the sound on another engine and use Choke Groups for open/closed hi-hat choking, but also for interesting synth sounds. With its capability to generate complete, complex patterns with more than just triggers, DrumComputer provides endless possibilities for drum sounds. The revolutionary Remix control creates crazy fills and covers lots of groove and fun.

Easy Access

The Kit Page provides the most important functions of the sound engine and a complete MIDI drag and drop feature generates a MIDI file that contains everything from triggers, modulation sequences to auto-fills and their related CCs. We also added a Sampler Mode to playback your own sounds. Enjoy new drums every day and get inspired by all the creativity that DrumComputer sets free.

Synthetic Beats

DrumComputer is the new specialist for synthetic drums, combining classic and modern synthesis with flexible modulations and luxurious sequencing. With the 8 individual sound engines, you have a vast toolset to carve the drums of tomorrow. The Pattern, Mute & Mapping section offers you extensive live-performance-oriented control over DrumComputer.

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