Experience the Evolution of Sound with CUBE by Lunacy Audio: Review

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CUBE by Lunacy Audio, a 3D virtual instrument, blends samples to create dynamic sounds. The eight corner samplers draw from a collection of over 100 instruments, including guitars, pianos, voices, strings, woodwinds, percussion, and analog synthesizers. Users can drag a ball across the three-dimensional environment to blend sounds from a variety of cubes.

CUBE‘s three main controls—Ether, Macro, and Filter—allow for fine-tuning and radical sound changes. Ether enhances volume and allows you switch between two dynamic levels of each sample. Each factory preset has a macro setting that changes the sound. Global low pass filters can change sound tone.

CUBE by Lunacy Audio

“CUBE is crazy fun to play with and very reasonably priced for the wealth of amazing sounds and the sick engine it comes with.”

Amie Dougherty. Composer – Undone, Spirit Untamed, Happiest Season

The Orbit modulator is another noteworthy aspect of CUBE, as it enables users to automatically blend multiple cube corners over time with a motion route. Users can select an orbit from a list of available options or build their own from scratch using the Orbit builders found on the Orbit website. Users have the option of assigning modulators to orbit parameters in order to alter the orbit’s shape over time, in addition to standard manipulation tools like scaling, translation, rotation, and mirroring. The orbit’s speed can be adjusted in milliseconds or to the beat using a fluid slider.

All in all, CUBE by Lunacy Audio is a highly effective virtual instrument that provides a wealth of controls for making dynamic, ever-changing sounds. A remarkable option for music producers wishing to add depth and movement to their tunes, it allows for easy sound modification via its central knobs and its one-of-a-kind Orbit modulator.

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