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EXPOSE 2: Audio Quality Control

EXPOSE 2 is a standalone audio quality control application that helps you identify issues with your music and deliver the best listening experience. With EXPOSE 2, you can release your music with confidence.


  • Compare EQ: See how the average tonal balance of your song compares to your reference track, or our genre-specific presets
  • Select a Preset: Choose where your audio will be heard (e.g. Spotify, Youtube, CD) and select a corresponding preset
  • Loudness Match: Normalize the volume of all audio for unbiased comparison
  • Analysis Feedback: Get specific guidance on how to adjust your audio for the desired sound
  • User Interface: Improved user experience and workflow
  • Readings: Detailed information about loudness, peaks, stereo/phase, and dynamic range

How to Use EXPOSE 2:

  1. Open the standalone EXPOSE 2 application
  2. Drag and drop your music into the app
  3. Select a preset based on your distribution method (e.g. streaming, club, CD)
  4. Use Compare EQ to check your tonal balance against a reference track or preset
  5. Use Loudness Match to normalize volume for comparison
  6. Review the analysis feedback for specific guidance on optimizing your audio

System Requirements:

  • Mac: macOS 10.10 or higher (64-bit only)
  • Windows: Windows 7, 8, or 10 (64-bit only)

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