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Introducing Hive 2

Hive 2 is a powerful and versatile synthesizer that offers a wide range of features for creating unique and dynamic sounds. Some of the key features include:

  • A 12-unit modulation matrix (6 units per page) that allows you to connect various modulation sources (LFOs, envelopes, shape sequencer, MIDI controls, etc.) and create experimental combinations.
  • Automatic parameter scanning that opens up a second dimension of wavetable scanning, such as velocity crossfade or multisample support.
  • Sleek and streamlined interface that makes it easy to create stunning patches in next to no time.
  • Function generators that combine simple envelope functionality with LFO, slew limiter, reverse option, cyclic mode, and various real-time interpolation methods.
  • Shape sequencer that allows you to create complex modulations and/or rhythmic patterns in a comfortable way.
  • UHM scripting for even deeper control and customization.
  • Low CPU usage and 3 different synth engines.
  • 2 oscillators with standard waveforms or 2D wavetables, up to 16x unison, tunable sub-oscillators.
  • Drag & drop modulation assignment and 12 x 2 modulation matrix.

Hive 2 is compatible with nearly all DAWs, and also includes a brand new alternative skin called Izmo, created by the talented GUI designer Yuta Yoshimatsu. If you’re an existing Hive 1 owner who purchased the software after January 20th 2019, you should have automatically been sent a Hive 2 license to your registered email.

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