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Mastering The Mix eBook Bundle

Get access to two of Mastering the Mix’ bestselling eBooks, How the Pros Make Hits and Never Get Stuck Again, for a limited time only. These eBooks will provide you with the information and techniques you need to improve your productions and take your mixing and mastering skills to the next level.

  • Free updates for life
  • Learn more about How Pros Make Hits – eBook: Dissects and explains the production approaches that give hits their chart-topping sound.
  • Learn more about Never Get Stuck Again – eBook & Audio Book: A Complete Guide To Turning A Musical Idea Into A Finished Track
  • 6 Genres: Pop, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Club, Rock, and Classic.
  • Train your ears and become a better critical listener.
  • A single resource that you can turn to for inspiration and techniques to help you finish more tracks to a higher standard.
  • Chapters: Establishing A Strong Musical Idea, Chord Progressions, Hooks & Melodies, Writing For Your Audience VS Writing For Yourself, Simplicity VS Complex, Repetition, Structure And Arrangement, Building The Instrumental, Production Approach, Lyrics And Vocals, Collaborators, Getting A Solid Mix, Taking The Mix To The Next Level, Getting A Solid Master, Taking The Master To The Next Level
  • Save thousands $£€ compared to a good music production course.

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