Melodyne 5 Editor Upgrade from Melodyne Essential

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Melodyne 5 Editor Upgrade from Melodyne Essential

Take your pitch editing and chord recognition to the next level with Melodyne 5 Editor. With new features such as the Chord Track and Chord Grid, you can easily adapt notes to fit any song with lightning speed.

The plugin operation via VST3, AU, or AAX gives Melodyne its human dimension and allows for macro profits from a more musical approach. Each individual note is pitched to perfection with the help of the Chord Track, and the handling of sibilants follows different rules that emulate the natural behavior of the human voice.

Melodyne 5 Editor contains all the professional vocal functions and allows you to see which pitches are compatible with the current chord at any time, making working with chords even easier. The sophisticated analysis delves deeply into your recordings and samples, recognizing and understanding the musical relationships within them, including individual notes, scales, keys, chords, timing, tempo, and tone color.

  • The Fade Tool and Leveling Macro for editing dynamics
  • Macros for optimizing intonation, timing quantization, and leveling
  • Inspectors for quick access to all parameters
  • A perfect de-esser that only affects the problem areas and has no side-effects on other components of the vocal sound

Melodyne can be operated via ARA or as a plug-in directly in a DAW, and the chord recognition technology is so advanced it can consider tracks apart or together, even the entire mix, and identify the chords formed when their notes are combined. The new search function for keyboard shortcuts and the improved saving of personalized shortcut sets make workflow even more efficient.

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