Melodyne 5 Studio Update from Melodyne Studio 4

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Melodyne 5 Studio Update

Introducing the new and improved Melodyne 5 Studio, the complete audio editing solution for professional vocal editing, choirs, instruments of all kinds, and samples. With its unique functions and possibilities, this update offers new creative possibilities for dynamic editing, chord recognition, and sound design. Some of the new features include:

  • Autopilot for chords – easily adapt notes to suit the song with lightning speed, including chord recognition
  • Melodic algorithm – the ability to edit pitched and noise-like components separately, even when they coincide, resulting in natural and alive sounds
  • Chord Track and Chord Grid – work better with chords and adapt notes quickly for all types of instruments, including polyphonic ones
  • Leveling Macro – adjust volume disparities to balance loud and quiet notes
  • Sound Editor – control overtone colors and the dynamic range of your audio
  • Vocals – heightened core competence for dynamic editing and new creative possibilities
  • Tempo detection and editing – easily match any sample harmonically to your music
  • Note-based Audio Editing – unrivalled access to all the musical details in your recordings and samples, note by note
  • Innovative sound design – thanks to the Chord Track, you can adapt notes with lightning speed to suit the song – chord recognition included

Melodyne 5 Studio offers better keyboard shortcuts, improved search functions, and personalized shortcut sets. It also includes the ARA integration with compatible DAWs and the “Robust Pitch Curve” option for better sound quality when editing certain signals. Internet access is required for the first activation. Upgrade to Melodyne 5 Studio for the complete Melodyne toolkit and enjoy working with chords far more enjoyable and harmonies more transparent.

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