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Minipol: The Swiss-Army Knife of Analogue Sound

Looking for a powerful virtual analogue synthesizer with a clean and intuitive workflow? Look no further than Minipol. With its straightforward design, quality sound engine, and unique Smart Random feature, Minipol is a one-stop shop for all your analogue sound needs. It’s also super light on your CPU and comes with a variety of controls and effects to help you create great sounds.


  • 6 voice analogue synthesizer with multiple effect and modulation capabilities
  • Factory Library with 300 professional presets for electronic music, scoring, and more
  • Sophisticated random control with 47 randomizable controls via Smart Random Bar


  • 4 virtual analogue oscillator models based on classic synth hardware
  • Separate detune, octave, and pan controls for each virtual analogue oscillator
  • 1 additional noise oscillator
  • 1 sub-oscillator (high-quality sample-based from a Sequential OB-6)

Envelopes & Effects:

  • Multimode Filter (High-Pass, Band-Pass & Low-Pass) based on classic synth hardware
  • 5 stereo effects:
    • Multimode Filter (3 modes)
    • Delay (with mono & stereo presets)
    • Chorus (can be used as Phaser and Flanger too)
    • EQ (3 bands)
    • 70 Hi-quality reverb presets sampled from famous hardware reverb units from TC, Lexicon, Quantec, Eventide, and more
  • Host-syncable Filter, Gain LFO, and Delay effects
  • Tape machine-style wow control

Additional Features:

  • All controls are MIDI learnable
  • 40+ predefined DAW automation lines
  • Resizable UI from 20% to 200%

System Requirements:

  • macOS: macOS 10.11 or later (Apple Silicon Native), a VST3/AU compatible 64-bit host for the plugin version, 4GB RAM (more recommended), 120MB free disk space
  • Windows: x64-compatible CPU, Windows 7 SP1 or later, a VST3 compatible 64-bit host for the plugin version, 4GB RAM (more recommended), 120MB free disk space


  • macOS: AU, VST3 & Standalone app (64-bit)\*
  • Windows

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