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Introducing MSpectralDynamicsLE

MSpectralDynamicsLE is a powerful and versatile dynamics processor that works in the spectral domain, allowing you to tweak individual frequencies for maximum control and precision. With features such as automatic gain compensation, a safety brickwall limiter, and an A/B comparison function, MSpectralDynamicsLE is the perfect tool for any audio engineer or producer.


  • Automatic gain compensation (AGC) ensures that the output sounds as loud as the input
  • A safety brickwall limiter ensures that the output stays below 0dB, preventing potential danger to your equipment and your ears
  • A/B comparison function allows you to make objective decisions about your audio non-destructively
  • Uses the fastest algorithms and takes advantage of the newest processor capabilities for maximum speed and performance
  • Supports 64-bit processing and an unlimited sampling rate for maximum audio quality
  • Unique spectral processing allows for precise adjustments to individual frequencies
  • Supports M/S, single-channel, and up to 8-channel surround processing
  • Adjustable attack and release shapes, spectral smoothing, psychoacoustic prefiltering, and more
  • Side-chain capabilities and two ducking modes to avoid collisions between instruments
  • Unique temporary gain feature provides excellent control over the amount of compression

MeldaProduction is building a community of audio enthusiasts and MSpectralDynamicsLE is a perfect tool for you to be a part of it. It is extremely fast even for complicated shapes, you can even lock certain parameters that you wish to be excluded from the randomization and you can compare multiple settings. With MSpectralDynamicsLE, you can easily create any dynamic processing shape you like.

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