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Introducing Multibender

Transform your audio with Multibender, a 4-stage delay plugin like you’ve never heard before. With delicious multi-band processing and 4 simultaneous delay modules, it’s your tempo-synced solution to creative delay processing. And with the built-in HAAS control, you can create a subtle stereo effect by shifting the timing offset of the left or right channel for added space and width.


  • 4 stage delay
  • HAAS control for stereo width
  • Independent multi-band processing for high, mid & low-frequency ranges
  • Saturate, Crush & Detune for each band
  • Waveform graph for accurate visual feedback
  • Straight, Dotted & Triplet time
  • Click & pop-free bypass
  • Presets and factory options for a variety of instruments and vocals
  • Full PDF manual and tutorial video

Conjure intricate percussion patterns, wild ping-pong synths and grooving leads with just a few clicks, or use one of the included presets for inspiration. The waveform display allows you to quickly set up the frequency ranges of the 3 bands and see the effect of each module’s processing, giving you accurate monitoring and surgical shaping at every stage of the chain. On and off buttons for each band allow you to disable any unwanted processing, so you can keep your bass line tight or mid-range clean. Try introducing sparkling highs with saturated harmonics in the upper-frequency range, or make your bass line scream with crushed low end. The possibilities are endless with Multibender.

System Requirements

  • Windows 8 and later (32 / 64-bit)
  • macOS 10.15 and later (64-bit only)
  • AAX format requires ProTools 11 or higher

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