Multiphonics CV-1 Modular Synthesizer

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Introducing the Multiphonics CV-1 Modular Synthesizer

Dive into the mind-bending world of modular synthesis with the Multiphonics CV-1, a brand new space for exploration, experimentation, creation, learning, and fun. This powerful platform for assembling and playing patches was built from the ground up with patching flexibility in mind, and is perfect for both novice and experienced users.


  • Straightforward interface
  • Easy synchronization in a DAW
  • Direct access to MIDI control and expression signals
  • High-level control with Macro parameters
  • Plenty of modulation options
  • Library of top-notch modules
  • Vast library of patches by renowned artists
  • Thorough documentation and tutorial series
  • Standalone and plug-in version

Exploring New Soundscapes

With its simple interface, Multiphonics provides a brand new space for exploration, experimentation, creation, learning, and fun. With a vast library of patches organized into 15 categories and created by a team of top sound designers, you’ll be able to find the perfect starting point for your next creative project. And with modules designed to work together, you’ll be able to achieve a consistent and harmonious sound.

Powerful and Soundful

Multiphonics is an elaborate sound design platform for the seasoned patch designer. The update is complemented with 15 exciting new patches featuring new modules in a wide range of contexts and with the two new modules: a versatile Low-Pass Gate, which borrows ideas from West Coast synthesis; and a Ladder Filter, an East Coast synthesis staple found in some of the most popular vintage subtractive synths. The AAS Sound and Feel is there in the core of the modules and patches.

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