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Introducing the Perfect Room by denise

Go try and compare the Perfect Room with your favourite natural reverb. The denise team challenged themselves to create something better – a perfect room – and invented their TXVerb™ technology.


  • TXVerb™ reverb technology: Unique algorithm that enhances natural character & colouration.
  • Zero metallic resonance: Retain the clarity and presence of your lead instruments without metallic cluttering.
  • Larger than life mono –> stereo: Create a wide stereo reverb from a mono source without any phase issues.
  • Completely tight low-end: Add reverb that sounds completely tight when used on low sources like kick-drums, toms, basses & synths.
  • Crazy effects: Built-in Shimmer, Detune & Internal Ducker.

Using this technology, the denise Perfect Room doesn’t use delays for the tail and will enhance the character and colouration of any audio you run through it in an extremely natural way, sounding defined and tight from the lowest kick all the way up to the highest vocal.

Perfect for external FX: Used on a bus, you can combine the Perfect Room with all kinds of effects to create character and excitement.

Single tracks, busses & mastering: Sounds so balanced you can use it on your whole track during mastering.

System Requirements

  • Mac: OSX 10.7 and newer (64-bit only) (Apple Silicon Native) VST, VST3, AU, AAX
  • Windows: Windows 7 or newer (64-bit only) VST, VST3, AAX

Get a room with denise – supernatural reverb. denise challenge you! Go and test it yourselves.

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