Phase Plant Expansion Pack: Synthwave Dimensions

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Phase Plant Expansion Pack: Synthwave Dimensions

Take a dive into a retro-futuristic world of deep bass, vintage synth-pop, beautifully crafted arpeggios, and euphoric pads with the Phase Plant Expansion Pack: Synthwave Dimensions. Each patch in this pack has been carefully crafted to include recreations of classic 80s and 90s sounds, as well as totally new and original synthwave, chillwave, and vaporwave sounds, all of which will fit perfectly into your productions. This pack takes full advantage of the cutting edge Phase Plant synthesis engine, using traditional oscillator setups as well as wavetables and FM, and combinations of all three. For even more tweakability, each patch has at least 5 macro controls that offer sound-shaping possibilities from subtle movements to complete changes in timbre, allowing you to keep the sounds fresh throughout your productions.

  • 21 Leads
  • 12 Pads & Strings
  • 10 Basses
  • 8 Keys
  • 4 Bells
  • 4 Plucks
  • 2 Brass
  • 3 FX

Kilohearts Phase Plant (latest version) is required to use this expansion pack. Synthwave Dimensions offers 64 sounds expertly crafted for Phase Plant, guaranteed to kickstart your creativity. As effects and layering have been taken care of in the synth itself, each preset is primed and ready to be added straight into your track with minimal extra work needed. Plugin Boutique Presets presents Phase Plant Expansion Pack: Synthwave Dimensions.

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