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Satyrus: A Unique Saturation and Distortion Effect Plugin

Get your hands on Satyrus and start creating your most unique sounds ever! With 8 unique distortion and saturation modules, you’ll have an endless range of potential uses for this plugin. Each module has its own unique qualities, so you’ll have unparalleled flexibility and control when designing your sounds.


  • 8 unique distortion/saturation modules
  • Input level controls the intensity of the distortion
  • Realtime curve and amplitude visual feedback
  • Mono and stereo modes
  • Simple and intuitive GUI
  • Responsive and CPU friendly
  • Saves user-created presets
  • Full PDF Manual and Tutorial video

Distortion and Saturation Types:

  • Power Distortion: The KING of distortions, with a drastic effect on levels
  • Fresnel Distortion: A unique sounding distortion that can be used on pretty much any sound
  • Circular Projection: One of the most energy-rich and downright BRUTAL distortions, particularly useful for low and deep Sustain and Release sounds, like pads or synth bass
  • Hyperbolic Overdrive: Ideal for editing strong and popping attack-heavy sound FX like shots, explosions, thunder, etc
  • Logarithmic Colouration: A hybrid of distortion and saturation, great for making vocals shine
  • Cosine Modulation: Similar to Circular Projection but a bit more subtle
  • Satyric Crunch: A peculiar blend of Fresnel Saturation with the typical “crunch” of a distortion

No matter what kind of music or audio you create, Satyrus is sure to become a much-used favorite when you need to give a sound life and character. Distortion is beautiful, and Satyrus by W. A. Production is the perfect tool to add beautiful distortion to your sounds.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 8 or later (64-bit only)
  • macOS 10.15 and later (64-bit only) (M1 Apple Silicon Supported)

Important Notes:

  • An internet connection is required to authorize and use this software
  • AAX format requires ProTools 11 or higher
  • Important Note for M1 Mac Apple Silicon users: Before purchasing, please review the current compatibility status of this plugin on your system here

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