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smart:comp 2 Upgrade

Upgrade your audio compression game with smart:comp 2, the exceptionally versatile compressor packed with features that allow you to give any track your unique vibe. Gradually shape the character of the compressor with the style dial and give your results a darker or brighter vibe using the color dial. With input level riding, you can focus on shaping the dynamics of your track instead of worrying about level issues.

smart:comp 2 is an invaluable assistant for mastering and mixing professionals or aspiring talents. It provides real-time monitoring elements such as instant impact prediction, which immediately reflects every parameter change across the entire signal, compression mapping, and an RMS level histogram that outlines the overall dynamics of a track. The plug-in takes only a few seconds to deliver extremely precise compression results.

All crucial compression parameters are front and center, making handling feel as familiar as working with a common single band compressor. The free-form transfer function with its templates allows you to achieve sophisticated level mapping. The smart:engine drives the intelligent processing of smart:comp 2, allowing you to choose a profile and let it learn your track. Supported by this sound base, you are free to let your creativity flow.

smart:comp 2 is a content-aware system based on deep learning technology, a vast amount of data, psychoacoustic principles, and extensive hands-on mixing experience. It allows you to fine-tune the temporal attack and release behavior without restrictions and apply different compression to the ambience and center using mid/side processing.

Shaping dynamics to achieve distinctive sounds has never been easier with smart:comp 2. Its smooth handling and real-time monitoring make it straightforward and intuitive to use. Important Note: Anyone who bought smart:comp AFTER June 1st 2022 can upgrade to smart:comp 2 for free. Email with your order number to obtain your free upgrade.


  • Automatic compression parametrization with a single click
  • Spectral processing for tonal and dynamic balance
  • Frequency-dependent ducking to create space for the sidechain signal
  • Free-form transfer function and templates for complex compression goals
  • Color and Style dials to change the character of the compression results
  • Automatic output gain, mid/side processing, input level riding, surround sound support

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