Smart:Comp 3 EQ Plugin Takes Mixing and Mastering to the Next Level

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The Sonic Academy Smart:Comp 3 EQ plugin is an essential tool for every professional audio engineer. This cutting-edge spectrodynamic compressor analyzes incoming audio over over 2000 bands to correct for tonal imbalances and selectively apply compression where it is most effective. In addition to the spectral compressor, the Smart:Comp 2 features a standard broadband compressor, which may be mixed with the spectral compressor via the spectral comp slider.

The Smart:Comp 3 has a user-friendly interface that includes a spectrogram for listening to signals before and after compression as well as sliders for adjusting the ratio, threshold, attack, and release. By isolating the compressed signal with the delta function, adjusting a song’s volume or EQ is a breeze. The input riding feature is very helpful when recording voices because it allows you to adjust the input level in real time. This keeps your recordings from sounding muddy or overdriven.

This plugin as advanced side chain capabilities with low and high-pass filters and a wet/dry mix control for parallel compression in addition to its remarkable compression capabilities. The compressor’s color and style may be tweaked with the color and style parameters, giving you even more leeway in how your sounds come out.

The Smart:Comp 3 EQ plugin is a must-have for any professional audio editor or producer. Its user-friendly interface and unique spectral compressor and input riding features make it stand out from other compressors on the market. Smart:Comp 3 is the way to go if you want your music to sound professional.

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