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SplitEQ: Advanced Mixing EQ with Transient/Tonal Splitting Technology

SplitEQ is a groundbreaking EQ that offers a new approach to corrective and creative audio equalization. It features a world-class 8-band parametric EQ with pristine musical filters and a comprehensive presets library with 150+ presets designed to enhance, repair, rebalance, and widen various instruments including drums, vocals, guitar, and more. L/R and Mid/Side panning are also supported.

Unique Features:

  • Peak, Notch, Bandpass, High Shelf, Low Shelf, Tilt Shelf, High Pass, and Low Pass filter types with slopes from 6 to 96 dB/octave
  • Real-time, high-res spectrum analysis with multiple options for monitoring or comparison
  • Globally scale the EQ curves together or independently
  • Transient and tonal splitting technology allows for precise control of transient and tonal output levels
  • A/B comparison and Undo/Redo make it easy to explore ideas without losing where you started
  • Resizable GUI with zoom options
  • No iLok dongle required – only a FREE iLok account/manager is needed for authorization


  • Enhance: Add sheen to vocals without boosting sibilance or harshness
  • Repair: Surgically tune the transient and tonal response independently to fix ill-advised mic placement or double-headed kick drums
  • Rebalance: Use the master transient gain slider to achieve versatile track placement in a mix
  • Widen: Use the real-time spectrum analyzer and independent L/R and mid-side panning to manipulate the stereo image of each frequency band

SplitEQ simplifies and declutters your workflow, allowing you to get better results and create new sounds. It’s not just a corrective tool, it’s also a creative tool for taking your mixes to new heights. Whether you’re working on individual tracks, a full mix, or cleaning up a two-track loop, SplitEQ will inspire and empower you to approach your material in a new, musical, and sonically meaningful way. By musicians for musicians, SplitEQ reduces the distance between what you want to do and how you actually do it, with fewer tradeoffs than other EQs. Try SplitEQ today and enter a new era in equalization.

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