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TAIP is Baby Audio’s creation of the ideal ‘Tape Machine’ for the DAW-era, combining an authentic vintage sound with a modern feature set.


  • AI-powered algorithm gives you the true warmth and behavior of analogue tape
  • Bring the quality of analogue tape into your DAW without routing audio outside the box
  • Adjust the amount of attenuation with the PRESENCE feature
  • Combine MIX and WEAR for a classic ‘tape flanging’ effect or exaggerate it with TAIP
  • Flexible feature set allows you to create a custom ‘tape flavor’ for any need
  • Use TAIP to add musical saturation and glue to drums, instruments, vocals, and more
  • Saturate the low/high end more or less with LO-SHAPE and HI-SHAPE sliders
  • Run your tape in parallel with MIX or create a series of two tape emulations with DUAL in the MODEL feature
  • Add as much color as needed with the DRIVE knob, from subtle heat to heavy distortion
  • Emulate a worn-out tape machine with WEAR, combining wow, flutter, and altered frequency response
  • Keep a consistent plugin output level with AUTO GAIN while adding more DRIVE
  • 135 presets created by industry professionals including Mark Needham, Max Jaeger, Eestbound, Rob Kleiner, and Cesar Sogbe
  • Switch between three background options: Black, Gray, White
  • Fully resizable plugin window

Warm up your sound with TAIP, the AI-powered solution for adding the musical qualities of analogue tape to your digital audio workstation.

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